It Takes Guts to be in the Security & Fire Alarm Industry.
The risks you accept are many. Help New York Alarm PAC eliminate some from your list.

New York Alarm PAC needs your help to elect life safety/security-friendly candidates to state office. There is no individual or group in a better position to minimize the risk of political decisions on your business than you or your colleagues working in partnership through New York Alarm PAC. Special networking events and/or opportunities for recognition are provided to the New York Alarm PAC contributors. You may contribute more or less than the suggested amounts up to $5,000 per year to the New York Alarm PAC, or not at all, without favor or disadvantage.

There is a new example at work in Albany, which makes New York Alarm PAC more important than ever. New restrictions on lobbying place greater emphasis on New York Alarm PAC to help us build relationships with members of the State Senate and Assembly— regardless of their party affiliation—and educate them about our issues.

Please recognize that your participation in New York Alarm PAC is completely voluntary,
and you have the right to refuse without reprisal. Your decision will have consequences, however, because it will affect the security and fire alarm industry’s ability to influence public policy and protect its future.

Our state’s policymakers may seem far removedfrom your daily activities, but the policies can ultimately make or break your business. The New York State Electronic Security Association is working hard for you and to make your voice heard. That’s why it sponsors the New York Alarm PAC. The PAC is a strategic tool that brings NYSESA members and all who are concerned and interested in the industry, together to help elect life safety/security-friendly candidates that will make fair and reasonable policies to advance life safety.

Supporting the New York Security and Fire Alarm Industry