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by admin on June 26, 2015

I wonder how many of you in the industry realize how important the activities of our state government are to your business, your employees, and ultimately the bottom line of your business.

While certainly you know that New York State has required companies that sell, install and service security systems, fire alarm systems, CCTV video systems, access control systems and intercom systems used for security be licensed for this work. But what are the other things you should know about the can affect your bottom line?

Let’s start with the Department of State, Division of Building Standards and Codes. This agency administers the mandatory statewide Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code (Uniform Code) and State Energy Conservation Construction Code (Energy Code). So how does this affect you? If you work on any type of electrical system, including those covered by the systems mentioned above, then you have codes to follow! I would think that you as a professional in the industry know this already, but these are the people that interpret the codes as well when requested. They also make sure that local governments are not overstepping their authority when it comes to code. You should check out the resources on their website-

The list will go on and on – and to varying degrees. Taxation and Finance, Corporations, Labor, Unemployment, Fire Prevention, Attorney General, Motor Vehicles, Assembly, Senate, Economic Development, and on it goes.

At this point you may be thinking – “Hey, what’s your point?” Well the point is, you have a friend in Albany. That is your New York State Electronic Security Association. The NYSESA and the association’s government relations firm keep a constant vigil for our interests. This happens by monitoring proposed legislation, suggesting changes to improve current legislation, working with state agencies on behalf of the industry to improve the Alarm License known as 6D, reacting to negative proposed legislation and many other activities. As your association, it is our job to ensure that the members of the New York State Electronic Security Association are recognized at the professionals of the industry. Being able to do this is no small task. One thing that makes it easier is having access to the right people – both in the Executive Branch and the Legislative Branch of our state government. Your associations Political Action Committee helps make that happen. The NY ALARM PAC needs your support to help support the initiatives that our crucial to our industry and our businesses. SO PLEASE MAKE A DONATION today online. If each member company would donate just $50 we would be able to continue to grow our voice in Albany! DONATE TODAY!

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